What does this mean for you?

MyActiveDiscounts is a closed group employee benefit under Epassi UK Limited, delivering great savings on a variety of your favourite brands! Some of the categories we cover are everything from nutrition, sports clothing and footwear, to days out, spa breaks, travel, and much more! 


The offers on this platform are some of the best available, exclusively to Epassi's client base. That's not it, MyActiveDiscounts offer you up to 6 new offers each month across 100s of brands.


Epassi UK Limited is a leading wellness employee benefit supplying 11+ million employees across the UK and Ireland with our health and fitness benefits. We have been delivering solutions to thousands of companies since 2001. Our products are designed to encourage a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce now and for future generations, whether that be to increase activity levels, improve the work-life balance or create a culture of well-being. You may have heard of us under the name of GymFlex or MyGymDiscounts.


We are the UK's most popular gym network and serve over 2,700+ corporate clients, members of associations and insurance companies. We not only appeal to gym goers but to everyone looking for discounts on an active lifestyle.